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Thinking About A Lake Anna VA Vacation

So, you are thinking about taking a vacation at Lake Anna Virginia. If it is your first time to the area then here is some information about the lake and area. First some facts about LKA. The lake is a fresh water man-made lake started in 1968. It is the source of cooling for the power plant. Lake Anna is 17 miles long with 200 miles of shoreline. It takes up 13,000 acres and has a maximum depth of 80'. It encompasses three counties (Spotsylvania, Louisa and Orange). There are two sides to Lake Anna which are divided by three berms. The cool side AKA public side and the warm side AKA private side. Each side offers different things and is something when wanting to vacation to decide on.

The cool side is the largest portion of the lake and it allows commercial activity. It is the side where you will find marinas, restaurants and the Lake Anna State Park. The warm side is about one third the size of the cool side, it is warmer especially as you get closer to the power plant and the area of water discharge. It does not have the commercial businesses there. Please note that with the berms, there is not the ability to take you boat or watercraft from one side to the other so if you are renting or wanting to visit a restaurant by boat you might like to try at stay on the cold side. If you want a small body of water that can be about ten degrees warmer, then you might like to try staying on the warm side.

Lake Anna VA (LKA) is still a quaint area that was farm land turned into a body of water. When looking to stay at the lake you can do such by renting a vacation rental home, camping or renting a cabin at the state park, booking a room at the marina hotel or stay at the private camp ground also in the area. When booking a Lake Anna vacation rental you will also want to decide if you want to be directly water front, water view, water access, or just booking a home in the area.

Our Lake Anna vacation rental home, Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove is direct lake front. We have 250' of water front and are part of the no wake cove called Childs Cove which is right off the main lake. With our home being part of a no wake cove you have quieter waters with all the beauty of seeing the main portion of Lake Anna and the ability to boat in that section for all the water sports.

Lake Anna VA also has a few restaurants and local marinas. A few of the restaurants can also be accessed by boat. I will do a more detailed blog regarding those as well. You can also locate links to those places under my "Things to Do Tab". There is the Lake Anna State Park which is only four miles from our home Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove. It is a wonderful place for walking trails, we have a mini golf course and then of course Lake Anna itself is the biggest playground of water fun. It is great for fishing, water skiing, tubing, wake boarding, kayaking, water boarding and swimming. If you like water fun, relaxation and a slower pace than you will want to visit and stay at Lake Anna.

If you have any questions or want more information about Lake Anna, please do not hesitate me. It truly is a little hidden gem in Virginia where you will make many family memories at.

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