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Book Direct Sites at Lake Anna VA

I have been in the business of vacation rental homes for many years. Back in the original grass roots movement and the internet's beginning there were vacation rental sites that connected guest and owner. The sites were basic and they were truly an ad portal so communication flowed between guest and owner without the ad portal having their input in the booking. Then eventually those sites started to be bought up and the OTA's (On Line Travel Agencies) were born into a product where processing of payments went directly through them, where communication was distorted so that neither party could verify the other by their emails, where phone numbers were not made available until after the booking and the personal way of booking was forever changed.... Or at least that seemed so.

Well I am here to tell you that there is a new grass roots happening again. A #BookDirect one. Where owner and guest can again have direct contact, communicate and book without a middle man. There are sites that promote Lake Anna Virginia allowing such and we are a part of that process. There is VA Vacation Rentals, Lake Anna Rental Properties and Houfy (House For You). The owners of these sites are very hands on for those of us that list and are trying to offer a product where guests can #BookDirect with the owner and don't have the additional fees the OTA charge for locating homes.

We are listed on all three. We are no longer on the OTA because the contact between owner and guest is important to us. Many long distant friends have been made by doing it this way and thank those three sites on their help in allowing us to continue doing such. If interested in other state sites that do such contact me. I certainly will let you know other places that promote #BookDirect as well and if coming to Lake Anna for a vacation, please make sure we are your go to Lake Anna vacation rental home for your stay.

Lake Anna Vacation Rentals - Kindred Spirits at Childs Cove

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